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SSH/Shell access for Resold account(s)?

In November 2014 Just Host announced that it will no longer be accepting new shared Reseller hosting signups. As part of that announcement, Just Host announced a partnership with ResellerClub wherein Just Host is recommending ResellerClub as the hosting partner of choice for Reseller hosting.

To learn more about this change please see: Reseller Hosting Services FAQ

How to enable SSH Access for a resold account, using the WHM.

  1. Login to your Reseller account.
  2. Go to Packages section, click "Edit a Package".
  3. Then select the Package that you want to change.
  4. Then scroll down the next page and underneath Settings check the checkbox next to "Shell Access".
  5. Click the "Save Changes" button.
This will then enable SSH/Shell Access for the Account or Accounts using that particular Package.
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