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View All Email Accounts From Main Email Account

Logging in as the main email username and checking email in other email accounts is no longer supported.

As a work around you can login to a regular email account and setup Horde to fetch emails from other accounts via POP3/IMAP:

  1. From within Horde click on Options at the top of the page.
  2. Under the section Message Options click on Fetch Mail.
  3. Click on Edit your preferences for accessing other mail accounts.
  4. Click Create a New Account
  5. Select IMAP/POP3 Mail Servers from the drop-down menu.
  6. Fill out the Form:
    • Account's name: (This can be anything you'd like to enter)
    • Protocol: change to IMAP
    • Username: full email address you want to Fetch mail from (example@domain.com)
    • Password: The password for the email address you are checking
    • Server: mail.yourdomain.com (This can be set to 'localhost' if the email account is on the same server)
    • Remote Mailbox: Inbox
    • Local Mailbox: Inbox(or, choose one of the folders you created in the 1st section of this tutorial)
    • Check the first 2 boxes, Get only new messages and Mark messages as seen
  7. Click SAVE

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