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Sox Binaries

Note: This requires SSH access. Click Here for information about how to request SSH access.

First proceed to http://sox.sourceforge.net/ and download a build of the software, for instance sox-XX.XX.XX.tar.gz. Make sure you have SSH enabled for your hosting account, ftp the file to root of your ftp account.

Execute the commands below:

        > tar -xfvz sox-12.17.9.tar.gz
        > cd sox-12.17.9 

After you have done this, you may compile and build:

        > ./configure ; make 

After the binaries of the application are made:

        > cd src
        > mkdir ../../public_html/sox
        > cp -v sox soxmix tests.sh testall.sh play play.in ../../public_html/sox/ 
and now your domain.com/sox/ contains the program files you need.
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